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VALD Performance Online Series

The VALD Performance online workshop series is a growing virtual resource that boasts 50+ presentations, delivered by 60+ performance practitioners from some of the world's most elite sporting organisations and teams.

As world leaders in human measurement, we are dedicated to delivering a world leading online resource that will facilitate creative discussions and help performance practitioners share best practices, ideas and experiences around high performance. 


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What you can expect... 

Discuss industry trends and performance strategies with a closed group of professional practitioners from around the world.

Leading voices in performance and rehabilitation deliver strategies on how to build stronger, more resilient athletes.

Available for on-demand viewing, access all presentations and research.

New insights from leading Australian researchers on injury risk in female field athletes.

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Past Webinar Topics

Featuring presentations from some of the foremost thought leaders in performance sport, including Clive Brewer, Nick Winkelman, Matthew Delancy, Bob Alejo, Patrick Ward, Peter Catteeu, Anita Sirotic, Nicol Van Dyk and more..

Join the multidisciplinary performance team from the UFC Performance Institute at Shang hai. Lead by Joseph Coyne, these presentations provide a comprehensive overview of the UFC's performance processes.

What is the difference between a professional team and a high performance team? In this series we ask various thought leaders on how they create successful, high performance cultures.

Five workshop videos exploring the latest research, trends and training methodologies for female athletes. This includes brand new research conducted out of Griffith University in Australia.

Three best practice discussions on how to manage college athletes during a shortened pre-season. Key takeaways from these series to help your athletes safely return to sport.

Performance Processes and Data Management

UFC Performance Special

Leadership Special

Female Athlete Series

College Athlete Series

Blood Flow Restriction in Sport

Leading researchers are interviewed to understand the impact of Blood Flow Restriction on the elite athlete population.

Shoulder Monitoring Journey

Special presentation from Ben Ashworth, Director of Performance at Sparta Prague and creator of the ASH Test.

Accelerating Performance in a Condensed Period

Join Blake Mclean, Billy Hulin and David Howarth as they debate the most effective strategies to not only safely return your athlete to game demands, but to do it effectively.

Performance Philosophies

Reflections from Tim Parham, the Rehabilitation Coordinator for Arsenal F.C.

Olympic Special Series

We interview various sports coaches and practitioners who were in the midst of preparing athletes for the 2020 Olympics. See what strategies they've taken to maintain athlete performance.

Hamstring Injury Special

Special Presentations from Jack Hickey, Selwyn Griffith, Steve Barret and Alex Calder on managing hamstring injuries in elite athletes.

Force Plate Integration into Sport

We've collated some of the best presentations from leading practitioners such as Phil Graham Smith, Dan Cohen, David Howarth, John Wagle and more to explore the application of Force Plates into elite sport.

Just Released

Roundtable: Overloading for successful injury rehabilitations

Alex Natera

Manager of Performance Support at NSWIS

Dr Dave Clark, PhD

Principal Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science, Robert Gordon University

Ken Ware

Founder, NeuroPhysics Therapy