Karim Derqaoui

Prior to working with VALD’s Client Success team, Karim had spent over a decade working with elite football clubs in a variety of coaching roles. Earning his Masters in Exercise Physiology, Karim is the key Client Success contact for our high-performance clients in the Americas region.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


Leamington Spa, England, UK

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Looking for system training or best practice support?

At VALD, we care deeply about your client experience. Our goal as the Client Services team is to achieve unparalleled excellence.

We strive to make every interaction with us seamless, positive, and consistent and to exceed expectations. Even the best of the best are not infallible, so we always invite frank feedback on how to improve.

To achieve our goals, our growing team of multidisciplinary individuals is dedicated to providing superb support and to communicating proactively.

The Client Services team is comprised of four focused units, being; Client Success, Client Support, Contracts & Logistics, and Data Science.

About VALD Client Services

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Erica studied kinesiology and exercise science in her undergraduate program and went on to receive her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Erica has experience working as a Physical Therapist in the Washington, DC and northern Virginia area where she practiced as a clinician in out-patient, acute care, home health, and in-patient rehabilitation. Erica brings her extensive clinical background when assisting clients in the Americas region.

Erica Searfoss

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Scott Vallance

Scott has previously worked as a Sport Scientist and Strength & Conditioning Coach within professional sports clubs in the UK. Scott uses his vast knowledge and experience to assist clients in the UK, Europe, and African regions.

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Lucas Galmiche

Lucas has conducted research into biomechanics and exercise physiology’s protocols with some of the best athletes in France. Lucas leverages his background in Sport Sciences when assisting our clients in Europe.

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Client Success' goal is to ensure that you are well-supported throughout your journey with VALD, and are getting the most value out of your systems.

This is done through the provision of a hassle-free onboarding experience, personalised resources and openly accessible training by industry-leading specialists.

In contrast, Client Support is there to assist should you encounter technical challenges with your VALD systems.

So, whether you’ve been using VALD systems for a week or for a year, our Client Success team is here to help you.

Who is VALD Client Success?

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Prior to joining VALD, Gabriel spent over a decade in elite professional sport and clinical practice in the United States, working within various roles across rehabilitation, performance, and sports science. Gabriel holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy. Gabriel utilizes his clinical expertise and applied knowledge to better assist clients in The Americas.

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Gabriel Manoel


Luciano Tomaghelli

Luciano holds a Bachelor in Exercise Science and an MSc in Sports Biomechanics. Having worked in the sports performance industry for over 10 years, Luciano has served several organizations globally including elite soccer clubs, national sports associations and Olympic sports organizations.

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Jamie Youngson

Jamie is an experienced Strength and Conditioning coach, with close to 20 years working between Olympic sport and professional rugby in Australia and Scotland. Coupled with a Master’s degree in Sports Science, Jamie aims to assist clients in Australia better understand how to leverage knowledge gained from VALD systems for higher level service delivery.

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Sean McCleary

Sean is an experienced Strength and Conditioning Coach across both professional and semi-professional team sports including Cricket and Soccer, possessing a Bachelor Degree in Sport Science. Sean uses his applied experience to assist clients in New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Luke van Zyl

Luke is a Physiotherapist with a decade experience in elite sport. He has worked with elite football teams including The Premier League and WSL, where VALD technologies were instrumental in his clinical routine for rehabilitation, monitoring, and training purposes. Luke applies his knowledge and experience to help clinicians maximise their VALD products to improve patient care and workflow efficiency.

Daniel Romeo

Daniel holds both a Bachelor in Exercise and Sport Science and a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Daniel has a passion for the implementation of health technology, having previously utilised VALD’s technology with individuals with cancer to evaluate the reliability of VALD products during cyclical and profile chemotherapy side effect fluctuations. As an Exercise Physiologist, Daniel has experience working with individuals with chronic and complex conditions, making him best suited to assisting those in clinical settings get the most out of their VALD systems.

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Michael Dhaliwal

Michael lives in British Columbia, Canada, and has worked with in various performance and health settings including sport science, high performance sport, and rehabilitation. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Coaching and is a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Currently Michael is completing his MSc in Kinesiology with a specialization in Skill Acquisition. Michael’s expertise focuses on knowledge translation about collecting accurate and reliable data and allowing for application of that data to inform the decision-making process.

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Caroline Smith

Prior to joining the Client Success team, Caroline amassed experience collaborating with collegiate-level athletes, with a focus in football, baseball, and basketball. Possessing a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, she is presently pursuing a Masters in Science with a specialization in Sports Performance and Coaching. Caroline's expertise is more effectively applied in the performance sector of sports, utilizing biomechanics and objective data.

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