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A groundbreaking system that wirelessly captures and automatically synchronises force plate data and video - now a complimentary inclusion available in beta with the latest version of the ForceDecks iPadOS app.


Complex data made simple with FD Vision

Force plate data is complex. ForceDecks Vision makes it easy to understand by showing videos of movements synchronised with force data, facilitating better communication and engagement with your client.

ForceDecks Vision automatically time-syncs and annotates your recordings, making it even easier for clients to understand the key phases within a movement and contextualise their own performance.


View movements on screen in real time and provide immediate feedback to clients with time-synced video that automatically detects key moments and phases.

Automatically synced and annotated video

Videos stored securely on VALD Hub

Switch between viewing modes

Choose between filming in landscape or portrait mode, while the picture-in-picture viewfinder can be dragged anywhere on screen.


When is it available?  

Complete videos are saved secured in VALD Hub where they can be reviewed over time.

Available now in beta to all ForceDecks iPad app users.

All new ForceDecks V2 models (FDMini, FDLite and FDMax) support ForceDecks Vision in the ForceDecks iPad app. If you have a ForceDecks V1 model (FDLite and FD4000) version of ForceDecks, the ForceDecks Vision iPad app is supported using the ForceDecks Wireless Adapter.  Contact us for more information.

How do I opt in?

Simply download the latest version of ForceDecks (1.7.0) from the app store and follow the prompts to opt in to beta.

Which iPad models are supported?

Which ForceDecks are supported?

For a full list of supported iPads, please refer to VALD’s Support Page.

ForceDecks Vision supports up to 1080p at 120 frames per second on capable devices.

What resolutions and frame rates are available?  

Wireless dual force platforms to analyse balance, strength and movement strategies in a range of exercises and jumps.

Add an extra dimension to your force plate data

Available in the latest ForceDecks iPad update, ForceDecks Vision allows you to record video and force plate data simultaneously which is automatically time-synced and annotated.

The system automatically identifies key moments and phases during tests, allowing you to review video with clients immediately and jump straight to key timepoints within a movement.

Key moments and phases mapped for review

ForceDecks' algorithms automatically map key moments and phases immediately after a test, allowing you to provide instant feedback to your client. 

Analyse key moments and movement phases from an easy-to-navigate list displayed on screen, and use intuitive controls to scrub backwards and forwards through a recording with ease.

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